Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Postal Service Utilizing Disgraced Former NLRB Commissioner

USPS Utilizing Disgraced Former NLRB Commissioner

From the article: "...for the private benefit of former Member Kirsanow and his client, the National Association of Manufacturers, and former Member Schaumber’s labor relations consulting and/ or legal practice.” In a second report in April of 2012, the OIG also indicated that Flynn did improper favors for Schaumber in return for Schaumber helping to secure Flynn’s nomination to the NLRB. Whatever the USPS is paying Flynn, he probably made ten times more working as head of labor relations for Dr. Pepper/Snapple. So why is he working at the Postal Service and is his public postal salary being supplemented by outside interests who would benefit from his presence in labor relations at the Postal Service? Given the Postal Service’s willful and blatant violations of the contract and the interests of many large corporations in eliminating unions, the hiring of a corrupt anti-union lawyer for national negotiations is disturbing, yet not surprising..."

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Contract Negotiations (APWU), Union Busting,

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